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Golf Pants

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Editorial photo for Highland Tour Golf Pants category

Highland Tour Golf Pants

Our best-­selling golf pants just got a modern upgrade: M­-Flex stretch panels increase your range of motion, water­-resistant performance fabric keeps you comfortable rain or shine, a sweat-­tech back pocket keeps your scorecard dry, and a UPF 50 rating offers excellent sun protection.
Available in Slim and Athletic fits
Editorial photo for Highland Golf Pants category

Highland Golf Pants

Our best-selling golf pants, hands down. We've updated a classic course style with performance fabric with a UPF 50 rating for excellent sun protection and a host of innovative features made for the course. And the fit? It’s an ace.
Available in up to 4 fits: Tailored, Slim, Athletic and Straight

Lightweight 5-Pocket Golf Pants

Made for the course, but ready for everywhere else. These 5-pocket pants feature a lighter fabric for rounds that run hot.
Available in up to 4 fits: Tailored, Slim, Athletic and Straight

Tech 5-Pocket Pants

These pants are true multi-hyphenates: They stretch, they wick away moisture, they stand up to spills, they do everything you expect modern 5-pocket pants to do. And, spoiler alert, they're technically 6-pocket pants—the last one's a hidden spot for your phone. Who doesn't love bonus features?
Available in 3 fits: Tailored, Slim, and Athletic

When it comes to golf apparel, pants are as important as anything. You need good shoes and a shirt, of course, but pants are what gives you mobility and all-day comfort. The best golf pants are going to provide some stretch, breathability, comfort, and style. How do you pick out golf pants? Well, you can start with the season; is it warm or is it cold? For colder seasons, we recommend thicker, non-tech golf pants that will insulate you in the cold. For warmer seasons, our Lightweight 5-Pocket Golf Pants will do the trick. Next, you'll want to know your fit. We offer Tailored, Athletic, Straight, and Slim fit golf pants to match any body type. Finally, you can choose the color. You can't go wrong with classic khaki pants, but if you want to modernize, a heather color is the go-to.

Our men's golf pants aren't only good for golf, either. You can wear these at work, to the bar or club, or on a walk through the park. With select styles made out of super breathable, moisture-wicking, water-resistant, stretch materials, you'll be comfortable anywhere you go. So, whether you're an avid golfer or a once-a-year sort of guy, you can pick up a pair here and wear them anywhere, any time.