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Swim Trunks

14 Items

Summer never stops at Bonobos, which is why we've got you covered with a year-round supply of swim trunks and swimwear in a plethora of colors, patterns and sizes. Our swim trunks feature a comfortable elastic waist and a drawstring to keep them from falling off when you dive in. One fact about swim trunks is everybody likes a different length. That's why we offer them with 3 different inseams. Let those legs breathe with a 5" inseam trunk - the shortest size which will show some thigh on any guy. 7" inseam trunks are right in the middle and you can't go wrong with these. If you're taller, these will still show some leg but not too much. Last up is the 9" inseam swim trunks for the tallest guys or those that might be a little more conservative with their thigh style. Did we mention you can choose a waist size? Most companies just offer the small, medium and large swimwear. At Bonobos, you can dial that in with anywhere from a 28" waist to a 40". Lastly, we've got classic solid colored swim trunks for the pool, and fun floral prints for the beach. Find your perfect fit and you'll never go back.