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Chino Shorts

33 Items
Editorial photo for Lightweight Shorts category

Lightweight Shorts

Yes, shorts can be even cooler. We just made the fabric a little breezier.
Available in Slim and Standard Fits, and 5", 7", 9", and 11" inseam lengths.
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Stretch Cotton Shorts

Classic, breathable cotton with a touch of stretch for mobility.
Available in up to 2 fits and up to 4 inseam lengths.
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Tech Shorts

Made for movement with tech fabric that keeps you comfortable.
Available in 7" and 9" inseams.

Chino shorts are the swiss army knives of the shorts' world. Their uncanny ability to achieve comfort and elegance gives them the flexibility to go with any social event. Bonobos enhances this core quality to bring versatility to your wardrobe. You can enjoy brunch, relax on the beach, or binge watch your favorite TV show in your favorite pair of chinos. Bonobos makes lightweight shorts that are perfect for enjoying the summer. These shorts come in a variety of fits and lengths to match any style. Available in Slim and Standard fit, with 4 inseam options. From a short 5” inseam to a more conservative 11” inseam, you’ll find just what you need. Browse our collection of chino shorts including stretch washed shorts, oxford chinos, and tech chinos that repel liquids. Set your legs free in style and comfort during the summer with Bonobos chino shorts.