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Short Sleeve Shirts
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Riviera Short Sleeve Shirts

Ditch the sleeves. Bonobos fit and color, together in one spectacular shirt.
Available in Tailored, Slim, and Standard Fits, and Short, Regular and Long Lengths.

Limited-Edition Short Sleeve Shirts

Made just for the season, these limited-run designs are a little more relaxed and a lot more fun. Sort of like summer itself.

Tech Short Sleeve Shirts

Great for summer. Wicks away sweat, dries quickly & resists wrinkles.
Available in Tailored, Slim, and Standard Fits, and Short, Regular and Long Lengths.

Short sleeve shirts are a modern wardrobe staple. They're great for a casual but stylish look and can be used in just about any situation. When it comes to the short sleeve shirt, there's a couple options: Button-Up and Button-Down. What's the difference between a button up and button down shirt? The collar of a button up shirt does not have any buttons pinning it to the shirt itself, while the collar of a button down shirt has two buttons that pin its corners down. This is just a matter of personal preference, and we have both options available.

How to choose the perfect short sleeve shirt: Start with the fit, then choose button up or down, pocket or no pocket, then select a color or pattern. The modern style is a slim fit shirt because it fits the form and looks extra sharp. For the more muscular types, an athletic fit shirt will have space for the shoulders and chest but trim in the waist. And if you like a little more space, casual fit button down shirts are a little roomier.

Now that the fit is figured out, we have stripe shirts and pattern shirts for fun occasions. Solid color shirts like blues, blacks and gray are a must have. And of course, Hawaiian shirts will turn heads in the summer.