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Stretch Dress Shirts

Want to look spot-on, but not too stifled? Soft cotton with built-in stretch keeps you both comfortable and unrestricted.
Available in Tailored, Slim, and Standard Fits

Non Iron Dress Shirts

Dressing for the occasion doesn't have to be a chore. Soft, wrinkle-free fabric guarantees a sharp look with none of the hassle.
Available in Tailored, Slim, and Standard Fits

Premium Performance Dress Shirts

We've taken the finest, most innovative Swiss fabric to create your new favorite dress shirt. They're resistant to wrinkles, built with comfortable stretch, and generally just here to make your work day go smoother. But don't just thank us, thank the entire country of Switzerland.
Available in Tailored, Slim, and Standard Fits

Tuxedo Shirts

Weddings, evening galas, or espionage cosplay, these premium designs will have you looking your best.
Available in Tailored, Slim, and Standard Fits

How do you pick out a dress shirt? A good dress shirt should be fitted and crisp (but also comfortable). It's important to focus first on fit and material, pocket and collar styles, then color for the occasion. Slim Fit is a more modern style that looks great on most men. For the more muscular type, an Athletic Fit is going to bring out the shoulders and trim down in the waist. The classic man might go for a Casual Fit Dress Shirt, which is a little looser and relaxed. Now that we've got our fit figured out, we can look at the material. A wool shirt will be great for the winter because it's warm but doesn't show sweat. A cotton dress shirt is the standard option and gives a nice amount of stretch, softness and comfort. Finally, tech fabrics will be the top choice for summer or the sweatier guys because they wick moisture. Now nobody likes to deal with ironing their shirts, especially when they're on a business trip. That's why we've got premium Non-Iron dress shirts and Wrinkle Free Dress Shirts that will save a lot of hassle.

But we don’t stop there, you get to choose the details, like pockets, collars (point, semi-spread, spread, etc.), sleeve length, and neck size. Dialing in the fit will help ensure that you can wear that thing all day without even noticing it. Finally, pick your design. Now, what color of dress shirt to buy? It depends, but we always recommend a nice solid color for more formal occasions like white, navy or black. For a dinner date, it can be fun to pick out a pinstriped or patterned dress shirt because they're more unique. And for work, it's always good to have a selection of solids, striped and patterned dress shirts to keep people guessing. If that doesn't help, just go with your heart and pick one that stands out to you!