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If you haven't already picked up a nice coat, you need to change that. Our inventory and availability here is seasonal. In the fall and winter, you'll find some of the best coats for the money. Focusing on a classic and sophisticated style, we bring a variety of Top Coats, Pea Coats, Car Coats and Trench Coats to the table for your cold weather comfort. Depending on your needs, we might recommend either a wool, blend or synthetically constructed coat.

There are subtle differences between these coats. For example, a Pea Coat will typically come double breasted with a wide notch lapel, slash pockets and a 2 piece back with a single vent. These were originated by the navy to protect against the biting cold on the sea, but are popular to this day as a fashionable city coat.

Next up is the Car Coat. These are a little less formal than Pea Coats and will boast a single breasted button configuration with buttons all the way up. Diagonal front pockets and a straight color with an open piece back. These were originated to keep drivers warm while driving open top cars, and they've got a sporty, classy vibe to them.

Last on the list is the fabled Trench Coat. These are the most intrequete of the bunch, with double breasted buttons, a waist belt for shape and security, buckled sleeves and a wide lapel. The trench coat will be your answer to the coldest of days, and usually has a bit more rugged feel.