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Polo Shirts

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The polo shirt is a timeless men's wardrobe classic for just about any occasion. You can wear it to the dinner party, under a blazer, on the golf course or to the BBQ. If you're wondering what a polo shirt is, we'll help you out. It's a short sleeve shirt with about three buttons and a collar. The collar sets it apart from a regular t-shirt and classes it up a little bit, making them extremely versatile. Because polos are a simple shirt in nature, it's good to choose a good looking fit and a color that goes with your occasion. You can't go wrong with a plain colored polo and some blue jeans or chinos. While you can choose a neutral color like black, grey or white, a lot of people opt for a more colorful choice - even pink, purple or red. It's a shirt you can have fun with while looking sharp at the same time. Check out our pique polo shirts while you are here. All of these shirts consist of the softest pure cotton you could imagine.