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Polos & Henley Shirts

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A great rule to live by is to embrace the classics. It works with literature and art, and it works with your everyday wardrobe. And do you know what’s always in style, no matter the year, decade, century? A good polo or henley. These menswear staples should have a home in every guy’s shirt drawer. The best men’s polo should be perfectly tailored, with no excess fabric or billowing, and it doesn’t hurt to have a good color or some classic stripes. They fit in at work (Summer Fridays, anyone?), on the weekend, during a big date (good luck, you’ll do great), and, believe it or not, on the polo field. What is the difference between a henley and a polo shirt? A polo has a collar and a henley does not. Polos are also usually made from a thicker material while henleys are a lighter weight garment. We recommend a henley shirt for a casual setting, and a polo shirt for a slightly dressier occasion. But you can wear polos anywhere. All of our polo shirts and henley shirts come with short sleeves and a variety of colors for any ensemble.