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What are Khaki Pants? It depends on who you ask, but Khaki is a color - a light shade of brown. While a lot of people bunch Chinos and Khakis together, Khakis aren't necessarily Chinos and vice versa. Chinos can be any color, while Khakis are technically within the light brown color spectrum. It's a popular color for pants because it goes with just about anything and it's not your average blue denim. You can wear Khakis to work, in semi formal occasions and even around town casually. They're versatile and stylish and go well with button down shirts or even plain tees.
Bonobos specializes in a variety of Khakis, and we'll start with the style. You'll find casual khaki pants like the Travel Jean or the stretch chinos that can be used in just about any setting. We also have khakis for the golf course, like the 5 pocket highlands or the tech performance khakis. Lastly, we've got your dress up khakis: Linen Trousers and Weekday Warriors. These pants come in a variety of fits as well. We have Slim Fit, Straight Fit, Classic (regular) and Athletic fit khakis to choose from. Made from different blends of cotton, tech materials and even linen from the finest mills in the world.