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    Hawaiian & Floral Shirts

    6 Items

      You might be wondering - What is a Hawaiian shirt? What makes a shirt "Hawaiian"? While it's debatable where they originally came from, they come in the form of a colorful, floral, button up shirt that was originally made popular in the early 1900's in Hawaii. Since then, they have become a staple item for adding color and fun to men's wardrobes everywhere.

      It's important to note that a Hawaiian Shirt isn't always a Floral Shirt, and vice versa. But one thing is for certain, the two go hand in hand. Floral printed shirts have been a staple at Bonobos for years, and we produce dozens of floral prints every year. Everything from bright, tropical colors with palm trees to more muted solid colors with subtle designs like fish and flowers in the fabrics. Whether you are subtly embracing the summer weather or immersing yourself in your vacation mode with a Hawaiian Shirt that can be seen from space, we have got you covered.

      Are Hawaiian Shirts short-sleeve or long-sleeve? It can go either way, but a traditional Hawaiian Shirt is short-sleeve. Can you wear a Hawaiian Shirt tucked or un-tucked? We recommend buying a Hawaiian Shirt in a length that can be worm either tucked or un-tucked for maximum versatility. You can't go wrong either way. Are Floral Shirts ever going to be out of style? As long as people appreciate the beauty of nature, vacation and relaxation, probably not!