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Shoes, Boots & Loafers

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Dress Shoes

Made in Italy, designed with Bonobos comfort and fit, meant for all walks of life.


Thoughtfully designed in-house and attentively crafted in Italy. Just as handsome as they are comfortable.

Dress shoes aren't just an accessory, they're a statement. The best dress shoes are constructed from the best leathers and will put off a beautiful shine. We've crafted a variety of dress shoes, boots and loafers to fit any guy's style. Oxford dress shoes are what most people think of when they think of dress shoes. They sit low on the ankle and have a leather lace-up with a toe-cap. Loafers are becoming a very popular choice as well. Loafers are a slip-on dress shoe constructed from either suede or leather. We've got multiple color options with our leathers and suede options as well. Black dress shoes are a versatile option and a little less flashy. Brown and suede options are going to stand out a little bit more and look great with a suit, chinos or even your favorite jeans.